Our Wake Forest Dental Office’s COVID Precautions

At Wake Forest Dental Arts your health and the health of the staff are of the utmost importance.   We reopened our practice on June 1, 2020.

Our practice has always followed recommended sterilization and safety procedures from the American Dental Association (ADA), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  During this time, these agencies have provided additional guidance for seeing patients and changes to the office setting.

At your next appointment you will see that we:

  • Are asking ADA recommended screening questions when your appointment is confirmed and when you arrive at the office
  • Implemented wait-in-car to better social distancing
  • Removed all magazines and the coffee station from the reception area
  • Spaced chairs in reception at 6 feet and placed signs on them to let you know what chairs to use
  • Are providing hand sanitizer at the front desk where you sign in
  • Encourage the use of face masks for all patients
  • Are using different masks, gowns, face shields and other items depending on the procedure
  • Will take our temperatures every morning before seeing patients
  • Will take your temperature before you are admitted to the clinical area
  • Have installed sneeze guards at the front desk
  • Are not allowing anybody other than the patient being treated into the treatment rooms during procedures

In addition, features of our new building include:

  • installed UV filters to kill bacteria and viruses in the air handling systems
  • installed MERV 13 filters.  These are the same filters used in hospital operating rooms.
  • Created a reception space with a large volume of air
  • Created a distinct reception area with easy access to bathrooms
  • designed the office for better patient flow and social distancing.

Dr. Craig Winkelmann, DDS, FAGD