Cosmetic Dentistry in Wake Forest, NC

At Wake Forest Dental Arts, Dr. Craig A. Winkelmann and our friendly staff help you discover the beauty in your smile! Our team is pleased to offer modern treatments that effectively transform smiles.

What we have to Offer

Cosmetic dentistry addresses the appearance – or esthetics – of your smile. Cosmetic procedures treat multiple dental concerns, including broken, chipped or damaged teeth; stained or discolored teeth; misshapen or uneven teeth, and more. Our practice offers many cosmetic solutions, including the following procedures:

Veneers: Veneers are extremely thin shells of porcelain that are layered and bonded onto the surface of the tooth. Veneers are popular options as they revitalize the smile quickly.

Bonding: This technique repairs broken or damaged teeth with the use of composite materials formed and fitted to the natural shape of the tooth. It provides a long-lasting and affordable solution to cosmetic dental flaws.

Dental Crowns: A crown is a covering for broken or damaged teeth. Wake Forest Dental Arts offers dental crowns that blend in with your remaining natural teeth.

Full-mouth Rehabilitation: Patients in need of extensive cosmetic and restorative therapy can rest assured they are in good hands. Dr. Winkelmann works closely with each patient to ensure their smiles not only look great, but are strong and support improved oral function.

Teeth Whitening: Among the most popular of all cosmetic treatments, we offer several whitening treatment options. Effective and safe, our whitening treatments deliver beautiful, brighter smiles.

Cosmetic Dentistry is more than Aesthetics

Although cosmetic dentistry alters the appearance of our smiles, it often can resolve oral function issues too. For example, broken teeth that are repaired with crowns typically restore chewing capabilities., dental implants help preserve jaw bone density and any cosmetic dentistry procedure can boost self-esteem and enhance confidence.

What to Expect During Treatment

Our Wake Forest cosmetic dentist will consult with patients prior to any treatment. Individual treatment plans are customized to meet the needs of our patients. We value our patients and respect them by not pushing them into unnecessary dental work. We listen to their goals and together we develop a plan to meet those goals.

Have Questions or Ready to Book a Cosmetic Dental Consultation?

If you live or work in the Wake Forest area and are interested in finding out more about our practice, or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call. – Make an appointment with our Wake Forest cosmetic dentist today.