Oral Surgery in Wake Forest, NC

Oral surgery addresses the diagnosis and treatment of various head and neck conditions and injuries. At Wake Forest Dental Arts, Dr. Craig Winkelmann can resolve many of his patients’ concerns that require surgical attention through corrective oral surgery.

Many oral procedures require oral surgery

Many dental treatments involve some element of oral surgery. Dental implants, for example, need to be surgically placed in the jaw bone. The jaw bone may even need bone grafting (another surgical procedure) before an implant can be placed to make it suitable for a dental implant. Wisdom teeth extractions are also considered an oral surgical procedure, and the list goes on. At Wake Forest Dental Arts, patients not only benefit from Dr. Winkelmann’s expertise but they also benefit from the sedation options that we offer.

Sedation dentistry options to ease dental anxiety

Many of our patients have a hard time dealing with the thought of oral surgery. Dr. Winkelmann recognizes that dental phobia is a real concern and he has gone to great lengths to offer safe sedation options to put his patients at ease. He offers nitrous oxide, oral conscious medication, and IV sedation. Patients have reported that a simple dose of nitrous was enough to get them through oral surgery comfortably, but we are happy to offer stronger sedation options for high-fear patients.

Below explains a few of the common oral surgeries Dr. Winkelmann performs:

Bone Grafting – Bone grafting is performed when patients need a stronger jaw bone in order for it to successfully support a dental implant. A weakened jaw bone can be caused by periodontal disease, injury, or tooth loss. To perform a bone graft, Dr. Winkelmann must add bone grafting material to the jaw to build up the ridge. The bone is left to develop and heal for several months and then a dental implant can be placed.

Sinus Lift Oral Surgery – The upper posterior of the mouth commonly needs sinus augmentation before a dental implant can be placed. The back of the top jaw is where our sinuses are and sometimes, over time, we lose bone in that area, which causes the sinus wall to droop. In order to reverse this problem and build bone, Dr. Winkelmann will perform a sinus augmentation. During sinus lift surgery, bone grafting material is added to space under the sinus with low bone density. The healing process allows the sinus membrane to raise as it heals with the regenerated bone. Once the bone is developed, the dental implant can be placed.

Dental Implants – The surgical implantation of dental implants precedes the placement of the new teeth (or crowns). This requires Dr. Winkelmann to make room in the jaw to fit the screw-like portion of the implant. After the implant integrates into the bone and heals, Dr. Winkelmann can crown the implant with a permanent
restoration. Known for their longevity and strength, dental implants provide patients with a natural feeling and long-term solution for missing teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Among the most common procedures, wisdom teeth extraction is an effective means of controlling crowding in the mouth. The procedure is performed in-house in a single visit, and recovery time is minimal.

Still have concerns over oral surgery?

Many patients find their anxiety levels increase when faced with surgery. Dr. Winkelmann and his team are focused on providing a comfortable and relaxing patient experience in their Wake Forest dental office, no matter what the procedure. We are experienced in delivering the right treatment in the right way so that our patients can receive the dental care they need free of anxiety and pain.

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